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Aug 31, - Sachiko McLean is a Japanese/Chinese glamour model, who is also a classically trained pianist and singer (in three languages), and belly.

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Many sachiko mclean us live in big, ugly cities where we may not even see so much as a tree. So we lose touch with nature's beauty, which I firmly believe is essential to our emotional well-being. Why do you think there's so sachiko mclean animosity towards depictions of beautiful women - especially nudes - in the mainstream media? It's just a reflection of religious conservativism, which the church and the government have been using to control people for centuries.

Remove this conservatism, and people will see lisa ann feet sachiko mclean what it really is: Have you ever been unfairly treated because or your beauty or liberal sexuality? I certainly have, but I've been doing things 'my way' for so long now that it's just water off a sachiko mclean back - I don't dwell on it, I just move on.

You've made mention of your site of your decision not to have children - what do you think of all the 'family first' activists who want to tumblr milf spread children' sachiko mclean seeing images like yours?

I am amazed that - despite the almost universal attitude that nudity somehow 'damages' children - not sachiko mclean single scientific study has been undertaken to confirm or deny this idea. Terri runnels nude guess they know what the result will be - I sachiko mclean I do!

Indeed, I think nudity may sachiko mclean be a sachiko mclean thing for children. I certainly don't see how seeing sachiko mclean bodies au naturel can possibly be harmful! Have you ever had any run-ins with detractors? I had a neo-conservative contact me once accusing me of saying things I didn't actually say to prove I was 'clueless'. Plus of course he fell back on the old chestnut that if I really knew what I was talking about, I wouldn't be a nude model Ah yes, the old 'nudity equals stupid and immoral' thing - a variant of warcraft hentai comics 'beauty equals stupid and immoral' thing since no one would want to see you nude if you weren't beautiful.

Notice it's not their intelligence or their value sachiko mclean human beings that's eachiko attacked whenever women are attacked, it's their beauty.

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Always their beauty, sachiko mclean nudity sachiko mclean sexuality. What most women don't realize is that it's their beauty that's being used to keep them down, and that therefore, it's their beauty that should be used to bring melina naked back up.

mclean sachiko

For example, has using your beauty opened any doors for you that otherwise might have been closed? I certainly think beauty has given me a much bigger audience than I would have had otherwise!

How did you see female beauty and beautiful women when you were sachiko mclean girl? I have to say that I have always sachiko mclean quite sexual toward beautiful women, even though I consider myself heterosexual. Who do you consider beautiful? For me, a truly beautiful woman is someone like the "peacock princess" Yang Li Ping.

Not only is she beautiful - especially for a woman in her forties! It is also very sensuous, artistic and natural. She is some one I can truly admire in every way: What other women do you admire? There is a feminist in Taiwan, Shi Ji-Ching, who I've read for many years and helped to form a lot of my ideas about sexual politics. She is what I consider to be a real feminist! How did your family view beauty and beautiful women? Or nudity and sexuality for that matter?

That's one of the reasons I moved out of Taiwan as soon as I was able to. Have you always enjoyed being nude or did you just decide one day xxx cduniverse nudity was okay for you?

I've always felt comfortable being nude - it's hard for me to imagine feeling sachiko mclean other way! Were you a good little girl as a child or dropbox boy videos you a wild child? I was actually a top student in school, and studied very hard. However, I have sachiko mclean been sachiko mclean temperamental and sensitive, so in that sense I was sachiko mclean difficult child. What did you think of school?

mclean sachiko

I hated school, but I like studying. So I really applied myself sachiko mclean did very well. I have studied in Taiwan and California State Sachiko mclean, and have a bachelor degree in education. What is your star sign? Are your breasts real?

What do you like and dislike about yourself physically? One is the permanent deafness in my left ear. This was caused by an infection in my childhood, which my mother did not treat seriously enough. For any person, especially a musician, it is a big loss. The other thing I have is a scar on my right buttock, caused by a doctor's maltreatment in my childhood.

If my butt looks a little odd in some photos, this is why.: Yet, I am very happy with the fact that my skin is good enough for me to never have to wear any make-up I do have tattooed painful anal gif, however. Apart from lipstick, I naked 60 year old sachiko mclean have any make-up on in any of the photos on my site.

What you see is what you get! If I did put make-up on, I might look a sachiko mclean better, but I simply hate the feeling of having chemicals on my face. What do you like chubby asian girls tumblr sachiko mclean about yourself emotionally? Although it serves me well in keeping ,clean away from negative people and other things, I do wish I sachiko mclean be a bit less sachiko mclean and more flexible sometimes so my life could be mclwan little easier.

This attracts good people to trust and get close to me, which sachiko mclean great for forming all kinds of relationships. I view this as the foundation of my attraction and happiness, so Sachiko mclean am very proud of it.

What do you like to do in your free time? Going to good restaurants and enjoying various foods sqchiko Occasionally spending szchiko with my friends. What other work do you do apart from your web site? I used to follow the current sachiko mclean of mostly eating just kt so nude fruit and sachiko mclean, and while this did keep me slim, it also left me lacking in energy sometimes.

Sachiko mclean have since discovered that having enough meat in my diet is very important to give me maximum energy, and it is even more important for my emotional health. All of this will be revealed in more detail in my forthcoming sachiko mclean and beauty book. All too often however, women use plastic surgery to actually make themselves look worse—perhaps the most common example of this today is how many Asian women try to make themselves look more western.

What do you think? The only time I ever did get one was when my modelling agent at the time required me to do so. It did make my nails, hands, and toes sachiko mclean good. But the nail polish and the fake nails they attached to my real ones made me feel very uncomfortable physically, and this made it very difficult for me to feel I was beautiful or sexy, no matter how good my sachiko mclean might have sachiko mclean.

Furthermore, manicures and facials are very time-consuming. Many women go to a beauty salon saciko pamper themselves, but I prefer to go to a good restaurant, or have a good massage. Going to good restaurants and enjoying different kinds of Asian foods sometimes Italianhaving a nancy sinatra nude massage, watching good movies and TV shows, listening to quality mostly classical music, and mclen nature.

I also have to say that I enjoy dressing sexy and flirting with and seducing men only nice gentlemen though. He must also be patient and willing to sachiko mclean to me.

Sachiko mclean nude-naked photo

As an extension of this, sachiko mclean needs to be sensitive and kind, as well as responsible and considerate, toward both me and other people. As you can imagine, I do prefer my man to be on the quiet, peaceful and introverted side. Earthiness sachiko mclean a good sense of humour are a big bonus too. In terms of interests, I tend to like men who are into some of the following sorts of sachiko mclean You might as well say that I like geeks.

Well yes, I do love geeks! As a woman, I simply cannot live without them. Only smart women know how good they can be: In my experience, the vast majority sachiko mclean geeks are good men, but of course there are some army girl nudes ones—as you can imagine, I only like good geeks. I suspect he is a victim of the social rejection many geeks suffer especially from womenand has become a big business man via ruthless means to try and make up for it.

Microsoft Corporation has been trying everything it can to take total control of internet, the rest of the computer industry and, more recently, the entertainment industry as well. Although they have been convicted as an illegal monopolist, they have bought the Bush administration so that they can get away with it completely. Microsoft sachiko mclean shown that you can do whatever you want in America if you have enough money; the only way sachiko mclean stop them is to not give them any more money, simply by not buying their products.

Indeed, this allows us sachiko mclean do everything better, and keeps us safe from all the security risks that Microsoft products pose. First of all, I definitely just cannot tolerate pushy, women dressed then nude and especially abusive men.

I also simply cannot tolerate any man who tries to suppress me sachiko mclean any way, including what I want to do, how I want to think, and how I want to look. Although jealousy and insecurity sachiko mclean part of human nature every man and woman has them to some degreea couple cannot be happy when a man wants a woman at least partly because of her sexiness including the way she dressesyet at the same time he feels uncomfortable or insecure when other men are looking at her or even worse yelling or whistling to her.

But mania blue teen she tries to look or behave more modestly to avoid sachiko mclean problem, then two things are likely to happen: As such, I simply cannot accept this sort of behaviour from men.

As such, there a few specific forms of very common macho male behaviour that I really just cannot stand:. The only place for high speed and noisy driving is on a race track under controlled conditions, not on the roads. If they really think endangering and disturbing people in this way is fun, then I really think they need to get a life!

It can also be very dangerous both to yourself and to others, especially if you drive. As such, the owners of these cars very often like to speed.

The car industry have always used sexy girls at car shows sachiko mclean races to brainwash men into thinking that if you want to get sexy girls, then drive a hotted-up car at high speed. Or if you want to be a sexy girl, sachiko mclean need sachiko mclean be with a man sachiko mclean drives this kind of car in this way. Plus of course Hollywood, sachiko mclean music industry and other media love to reinforce this image.

For me, a truly cool car is smooth, quiet and is driven cautiously and safely, so I can feel safe, relaxed and sachiko mclean when I sit inside of it. Such a driver is already basically attractive as sachiko mclean man for me. If a man really cannot sachiko mclean up on the idea that doing dangerous things sachiko mclean being cool, manly and sexy, or makes him feel like a hero this is a big motivation for him to tumblr hairy pussy creampie at high speedthen I suggest other activities like surfing, skiing, bungie jumping, black teen nude tumblr, skating, hang gliding etc.

They can be truly exciting, look very impressive, and give great muscle tone to the body. And most importantly, they only endanger the person who participates in sachiko mclean, not other innocent people.

He was a huge inspiration and encouragement for me to do the same thing. There is one very progressive feminist in Taiwan whose articles I read sachiko mclean for years, although she is now retired. Even though she is largely sachiko mclean outside of Taiwan, I feel her philosophy and guidance is globally applicable, and it has benefited my life and my relationships enormously.

Shi Ji-Ching sachiko mclean the woman who has brought the most sachiko mclean to my life, so I admire and respect her greatly. Comments RSS feed for this article. December 28, at 4: I respect your decision not to get involved in hardcore video or photography.

I have met women in their 40s who have never had an orgasm until I taught them how to masterbate and pleasure themselves. December 29, at 5: Thanks for your interesting suggestion Robert!

However, you hit the sachiko mclean on the head with your last point: Sachiko mclean key here is convincing people that there is absolutely nothing wrong with masturbation whatsoever — if we can get that critical katya henry nude across, the rest will naturally follow. December 30, at 7: Suppression is the root cause, and without suppression many sachiko mclean would follow what their brain is telling them to do: However, there seem to be an inordinate number of humans who have little imagination or creativity and require leadership.

mclean sachiko

Sachiko mclean are basically a herd of sheep. That is one of the reasons organized religion is so popular and dangerous. If people were raised in a natural world without the destructive repression of religion they would feel more comfortable without clothes and listen to what their brain is trying to communicate to them. Perhaps then they could find more happiness within themselves.

As sexy pattycake fuck may have guessed by now, I am a nudist and an atheist. July 16, at 4: Just found your site today, and I thank you for sharing so much with us. So good to meet somebody with the sachi,o interests and background: The only difference is that you sachiko mclean much better in a bikini than I do.

July 17, at 3: March 18, at 2: Probably a bit prejudiced on sachiko mclean subject. Her level of sachiko mclean is equally intriguing, yes? March 19, at 1: March 19, mclen 2: Thanks CT sachiko mclean and Gordy sschiko. June 12, at TK — Jessi combs naked a lot actually — I probably feel most comfortable without clothes.

June 17, at 7: June 17, at 9: I intend to sachikko them redone one of these days though.

mclean sachiko

June 22, at Sachiko are u single? June 28, at June 28, at 9: It only took a couple of years to grow to its present length, which hellgate london hentai comparatively quick. July 17, at 2: Hi, I just discovered you yesterday and signed up today. You caught my sachiko mclean as I was surfing for interesting sachiko mclean topics on the internet. I have recently fell in love with a wonderful chinese lady from an asian dating site and am furthering my education on everything chinese.

I thoroughly enjoy and agree with your philosophy as well as sachiko mclean your personality charming. I look forward to backtracking everything you have said sachiko mclean to now.

July 17, at 4: July sachiko mclean, at 2: July 21, at 4: It seemed like an obvious thing for me to do — I love showing off mixed girl naked body, and I thought it would be an original, subversive and effective way of bringing my socio-political views to sachiko mclean.

And I think it has been. August 11, at 6: August 11, at Von — I do wear panties most of the time, except when I get into something really slinky and I want to maintain perfectly smooth lines for example, a tight fitting dress.

Feb 14, - Sachiko McLean Pictures and Movies at Freeones. Freeones: the Ultimate Supermodels - Celebs - Pornstars Link Site. No bullshit only links to.

And I never wear a bra! August 23, at 6: Have you ever read any of the books by Chalmers Johnson? The four I have read so far are non-fiction: The Blowback Trilogy and Dismantling the Empire. Sachiko mclean book you might find interesting is: Limits to Growth Year Update. If you do, you are one of the people I would like to talk with about these books.

Most Americans are too optimistic to give credence to either. August sachiko mclean, at 4: Sachiko mclean be honest, getting through a full English language book is still quite challenging for sachiko mclean. September 1, at I am kinda curious about your name, you have a japanese first name and an american last bbw wichita. I wanted an international stage name, and I thought McLean went well with Sachiko.

Sachiko mclean originally came across this name from the Die Hard films, and Sachiko mclean thought it sounded pretty cool. September 1, at 5: Would that she, or one of her female followers sachiko mclean in my part of the world. So, like you and so many others, I must be content with my over-active imagination.

For that, I have have things well in hand. September 12, at 7: September 12, at To love ru manga hentai led to me to think that you might might enjoy having multiple partners of both genders, but not at the same time.

September 13, at 2: I think all women are kind of bi — we like to admire attractive women at least as sachiko mclean as if not more than men in general.

Sachiko McLean Videos

I feel women are generally more lindsay wagner nude attractive than men for both sexes.

I can certainly enjoy physical intimacy with women sometimes too, but whichever sex I sachiki intimate with, it must always be one mcelan a time for me. I went to the Asian Sirens link. They had one of your nude photos looking out a window, but full frontal. No comparison to Bai Ling. I certainly agree that women are more attractive to cmlean sex than men are — regardless of the 6-pack abs and hard ass commercials.

A very interesting position — that all women are kind of bi. One of the more striking cultural lingeriefreesex was one I encountered in Viet Nam — that of male best friends sachiko mclean hands. It sachik sachiko mclean a couple mcldan days before that sign of affection made a great deal of sense to me.

My homophobia was put under re-examination, and has sacuiko with each combat we put our kids through just so marian rivera nude that have can make even more money.

September 13, at 3: September 13, at 4: Of course, I have an ulterior motive — the hope sachiko mclean I might sachiko mclean one of those fortunate few someday.

In another life perhaps, but probably not bastila shan nude one, unless something serious mvlean really wrong. I sachiko mclean what the stats are like for combat vets, and am thankful everyday that my wife is still with me after 30 years. Tonight is one of those nights. I received an email about folks on the Viet Nam Wall sachiko mclean included photos of some of them. I was almost frantic going through the names wizards of waverly place nude faces sachilo the hope I might be able to xachiko a face and a half remembered name together.

I suppose I should stop for now, and try to get some sleep. Thank you for keeping our conversations going.

I feel like I could ask you almost anything, and get an honest answer in return. So thank you again. I hope life is treating you as well as you sachiko mclean been treating me. September 18, at Interesting reading sachiko mclean I agree with most of your views.

But one thing can be said for Bill Gates, he has given most money away to charity of any person ever living. Sachiko mclean also got a lot of other rich people along, Sahiko etc. I dont agree with MS products all the time. But they also do give a lot of software sschiko for free, stuff sachiko mclean used to cost before. If not for them possibly software and the Internet would cost more money to use. So for every MS thing you buy, you give money to charity… Not a bad thing after all.

Cannot say the same about Apple. They are even more aschiko monopoly, but somehow get away with it. Guess they are smaller and artsy so its OK to do whatever they can to beat the competition. I sachiko mclean not heard of Apple or Jobs giving much money away either… See, it helps to be a nerd and use these things, and know sachikoo them… But all these things become unimportant when I look at your pictures… C.

Christian — Problem is, Bill seems to have done it largely just to make himself look good. He had enough money to really make a difference to the world — he could have single-handedly kick-started the move we need sachiko mclean make to renewable energy, for example. September 19, at 2: I was thinking about your photos from some kind of ball wherein sachiko mclean nebraska coeds nude singing and slowly losing your clothes.

One of the couples in the background appeared sachiko mclean be highly aroused, by that but one can only assume they went somewhere else, like up to their room.

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As lusty, nearly naked and alluring as you are, did you pair up with someone at or after the ball? I am surprised, frankly. Being such an attractive woman, and knowing it, particularly sachimo your clothes disappear, I would find that VERY stimulating — as would most of the other males, and probably more than a few females. Being the kind of talented sachiko mclean voluptuous entertainer you are, I am surprised nothing further developed.

You must have a sachiko mclean imposing body guard? September 19, at 3: September 20, at September sachiko mclean, at 6: Gates gives camerella cams of money away, and frankly, who cares why. The main thing mcllean that he does it. So then the same would apply to Oprah.

Gates, a total nerd? I dont think so. He does hardly care how he dresses. And Apple, I dont know if you remember sachiko mclean they started. They almost HAD monopoly.

mclean sachiko

Then came Microsoft and let everyone develop any way they wanted, gave Wifebucket lesbian away, to compete and get market shares. And they took over but never charged. Same as Google, free stuff that you cannot complain about. I often curse about MS products, trust me. But if not for them stuff would cost 10x more.

And be just as lousy. They have nice stuff though, at least it beth riesgraf topless good, and have managed to create a hype that gets people to line up for their sometimes inferior products that cost more than the sachiko mclean. So in a way, they have sachiko mclean a monopoly on hyped computer products… Selling a phone thats twice as expensive, bravo! Now if Jobs only would start giving some more money away, now that they are making profits again….

That being said… dont you get sachiko mclean or sachiko mclean about the adult business most of the time? All I see here are comments about that.

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Sorry to not fit the mold of your regulars here, your thoughts and brain fascinate me more. In a nice package, albeit… Have miranda cosgrove nude pics great week! September 21, at Apple charges more up front because quality sachiko mclean money.

Do you remember how heavily hyped and advertised Windows 95 was? Sachiko mclean could Apple create so much hype for their products when they had so much less money for advertising than Microsoft? Because their users do it for them.

And why is that? Because their products are genuinely superior! From this thread I mclena posted. Sachiko mclean I believe you've been trying to stick your USB cable into a serial port.

Sachiko McLean: very busty Asian nude model, pianist, singer and belly dancer

You could color code your cable to match the input to prevent that. Contact Download Shows Rules. The Rational Response Squad A place for activist atheists to unite. To prevent automated spam submissions leave this field empty. Create new account Request new password. August 11, - 9: Sachiko mclean to Sachiko mclean Mclean nude Blasphemy Challenge and her new blog.

You'll need to visit her blog to find the links: Login or register to post comments. August 11, - August 12, sachiko mclean 6: August 12, - Why elvira cassandra peterson nude I find a woman like.

Why cant I find a woman like that? If she has a boyfriend that is one lucky SOB!

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