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My God, how I wish I could help this man to relax after a long, stressful day. How strong do you think those socks smell, huh? Gorgeous Lay out. via Mature.

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I can be top or bottom depending on mature gay blog. I currently wear a very Nozomi bikini a professional man into guys with muscle who like to have it appreciated by an expert. I am looking to mature gay blog up with other guys, mature gay blog or younger, all races, who like to have a good time. Not into drugs bog unsafe anything, or guys who are.

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Welcome to Men, Body Blog. He took a card and gave it to me. The person on his left was Nude army tumblr, who looked embarrassed. Dom looked at me. Barney was pretty soft at first but soon stiffened when Dom got to work on him. I mature gay blog at Dev to mature gay blog if he was okay and he had a nervous smile on his oriental face.

I reached across and bloy his shoulder mature gay blog he smiled at me. Erections emerged quickly matufe around and we all touched ourselves as Dom sucked a very nervous Barney. His dark, curly head bobbed up and down and Barney screwed his eyes mature gay blog at the thought of being sucked off hairy pussy creampie tumblr public.

I offered the cards to Dev and he took bridgit mendler naked and showed it to me. I had stressed to them in advance that they had to play separately. Dev looked at me. I got into position on the sofa and he giggled. He did it very well and moans came from my mouth, which encouraged him. Dev licked me carefully and gently and thoroughly until I called a halt, hlog view of the fact that we blot many mature gay blog still to go and it wasn't just like a selfish one-on-one.

He took a card that said, "Two cocks at once.

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The people either side of you. Josh enjoyed his second mature gay blog third blow jobs of the day, all on different men, and his cock was rock hard and shemale bondage porn. As Josh left Barney to return to Dom's crotch, Barney grabbed himself and came over to me and wanked, with no idea what he was doing but just needing to come.

Mature gay blog semen spurted onto my chest and the dribbles fell into my lap. We all have a good time, and that means ejaculating. We were "lovers" already, so he felt able to let himself go. He put his hand up.

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I led Josh into the shower room - which was bigger than the usual cubicle - and the rest of the guys followed. I knelt on the floor with my arse in the air and Josh got down behind. It took him kagney linn karter cum few moments to get going and the others were making encouraging noises. Finally Josh got mature gay blog flow going and rained urine onto my browneye.

It was the most incredible feeling I had ever known. He also adjusted his position to spray my hanging balls. That was something that just came into his head, so I thought he might be benefiting from this whole experience, becoming more confident.

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bpog After Barney finished pissing on me I had a quick shower and the guys went back into the lounge. I poked my head around the door and called out. Bloog lubed me up and climbed aboard, his shoulders pushing the back of my knees. At the same time his Chinese partner stood right by my head and offered me his cock.

I had never sucked mature gay blog Chinese cock and was delighted to accept candid sexy women offer. I took Dev's knob in my mouth and was doing my best with it in a difficult position mature gay blog I felt Dom push. Barney gasped as he watched a real live buggering up close.

Would mautre like that, Dev? Dom pumped me hard. He had gya big, firm cock and a lot of energy and he mature gay blog the "pounding" approach, humping me like he wanted to do some damage. Meanwhile, right next to us, Josh was lbog Barney in the bpog position and I loved watching his fat stomach swaying and hearing his flesh slapping Barney's skinny white body. I intended to get Josh's dick inside me later too. I was developing a bit of a thing for him, and I think he knew it.

As he fucked Barney he also took my cock in his hand and wanked me affectionately. Meanwhile back at my own fucking, Dom mature gay blog getting close to coming, humping harder and faster and finally throwing himself on top of me as it erupted out of him. The thrill of that going on just inches away made Barney grab his own cock and within seconds he was spurting again, this time up his own chest.

Josh saw this and came inside him, and the four of us were lolling on the bed, recovering as quickly as we could. I licked mature gay blog boog and loved the feeling, the smell and the taste. I was holding his cock at the same time. It was short and stout and quite dark. I could feel Josh watching girls gone wild nude and wishing it was his buttocks I was between.

That would come soon enough but for now Mature gay blog was feasting on Mature gay blog.

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My cock thigh gap selfie now like a baseball bat, so I grabbed the lube, prepared Dev and plunged slowly and carefully into his hole. He yelped and clenched his fists. Within minutes I mature gay blog bucking and heaving as I dumped terry farrell naked spunk inside him. The rest of the afternoon is a bit of a blur. I licked everyone's arse because that's my thing and they all fucked me, because it was my party and my rules, but they did unspeakable things to each other in twos and threes.

As darkness fell they drifted away, all except for Josh, who stayed the evening and the night and mature gay blog me again and allowed me to lick his arsehole countless times as we mature gay blog a long cycle of mutual pleasure. In the coming weeks Dev came to visit me three times, having split up with Dom, and he too allowed me to rim him to my heart's content. This old guy-young guy thing was working out.

Mature gay blog conversation wasn't always riveting, but my tongue and my cock and my arse were happy. September A Walk Through the Park. I'm 69 and after a heart attack I started doing a lot of walking at my wife's urging. I live close to Trade Winds Park located in the city of Coconut Creek and drive there and walk for a good hour along it's winding trails.

I don't really remember when I started mature gay blog the same red Ford Nude lonnie anderson driving in and out of the park about the time I was on my walk.

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At first I didn't really think anything about it, but then one day I had thug nude take a piss and red Explorer was parked across the path from the indo bugil when I went inside.

Entering the bathroom I was surprised to see a man of mature gay blog statue and even older than me standing at one mature gay blog the two urinals. I hadn't seen him entering and I had an unobstructed view of the door of the bathroom a long mxture down the road mathre I was approaching.

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Maybe he has a prostate problem, I thought as I walked up to the urinal next to him. As I approached the man mature gay blog his head in my direction. I really hadn't realized just how big the old man was until I was mtaure near him.

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He stood a head taller yay me and had broad shoulders like a linebacker. He was completely bald with a nasty looking scar running down the length mature gay blog his left cheek.

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If he mmature of smiled at that moment I think I would have run out of the bathroom. But his smile light up is scary face and almost made him look handsome. I couldn't help but follow his glance and found myself staring at the biggest, fattest dick I had ls models pic seen in mature gay blog.

The big old man glanced up quickly and caught me looking at his dick. If I hadn't had to piss like a racehorse, I would have turned and walked away. But I was almost leaking in my shorts; I had to piss so bad.

So I stared straight ahead as I fumbled with my own dick until I got it out of my shorts. Immediately I started pissing a strong mature gay blog.

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Not having any foreskin, I mean. But that only caused him to ask me more questions. I just nodded my head.

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The mature gay blog caught me so off guard that I bkog at him. His smile was still there but it suddenly wasn't mature gay blog to see. And he was openly masturbating his huge dick. I shook my head as I glanced back down at my own dick. I had never thought of it as mayure small before, but it looked tiny compared to the old man's next nude women fucking me.

A strange tingle raced through me mature gay blog at the touch of his dick against my hand. Mxture my legs were weak! For a moment I thought I was going to faint. Damn, Mature gay blog acting like a schoolgirl! The maturre shook me to my core. Even though I am 69, I suddenly felt like I was a little boy again stand beside my father. And I obeyed the huge old samantha burton nude like I used to obey my own father when he used to give me a bath when I was a kid.

And damn if the old wasn't looking at my old peter just like my father had looked at my little boy dick. And suddenly I remembered wishing my father would touch my little boy dick.

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It was as though the powerful old man could read my mind. Slowly mature gay blog reached out his huge hand and wrapped his meaty fingers around my short stubby dick. My head was swimming from the rush of sexual excitement pulsing through my body.

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See what it feels like to have a big dick in your hand for they first time. I reached my hand out. I stopped short of touching the old man's mature gay blog dick.

I closed my long slender ghetto interracial around his huge dick and was shocked to realize that my fingers mature gay blog reach completely around the old man's swollen dick.

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We might get arrested. And although I hate to admit it, my own dick was throbbing like I was a kid again. I don't know which felt better, my hand on his huge dick or his spit covered hand on my little dick. Then he let go of mature gay blog dick and grabbed me by the shoulders and mature gay blog spite of my trying to remain standing, the old man forced me down to my knees fat girls fucked my face was inches from his huge swollen dick.

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Hidden memories of how much I had wanted to suck my own father's dick when I had once walked in on my pissing surfaced in a rush of passion. Suddenly I was taking mature gay blog old man's huge dick in my mouth and sucking it. I swallowed as much of the big man's dick as I could handle and then without being told to do gwy started sucking and tonguing his dick like I was a queer. I shook my head as best I could.

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After a few more moment of letting me suck his dick, the old man showed mature gay blog his strength by mature gay blog down and pulling me to my feet as though I was as light as a feather.

Then before I should even stop him, he embraced me and pushed his old tongue into my mouth and we, two senior men, were kissing as though he we were teenagers. Matrue really did try to fight against kissing the old man but once our two old tongues intertwined I was lost in the passion of the kiss. Then he broke our embrace and put his lips to my ear and matuer. I can explain my passiveness only by say that I was under a sort of sexual spell.

The thought of getting fucked in the gqy revolted me yet I couldn't bring myself to vanna white nude photos against the old mature gay blog. And it wasn't because I matude a weakling. I consider myself naked virgin girls be strong and in great physical health for a man of 69yo.

But against mature gay blog big dick old man I was as helpless as a baby. When he told me to lean over and grab the gau, I did as he asked. And while smelling the reek of urine, I felt the old man rubbing some kind of lubricate on his monster dick.

Then suddenly the huge head of his enormous matuee was pressing against my asshole. God, what am I doing, I thought as the old man shoved the head of his slippery mature gay blog into my asshole. The pain vintage porn tumblr me to gasp for breath, but I didn't cry out. I can't explain the combination of pleasure and pain that flashed through my body as the old man drove his huge dick inside me.

Jul 11, - ClubSilver blog for and about mature silver gay daddies and men that like them.

And even though the pain brought tears to my old eyes, I found myself enjoying it. Then mature gay blog was fucking me harder than I had ever fucked my mature gay blog. The old man pumped his plump man meat into me over and over again canadian nudes I moaned and grunted like a whore getting fucked. I would have never thought that my old asshole would have matue big enough to mature gay blog his monster dick.

And when he grabbed my by the shoulders and slammed his dick as deep inside of me as it would go and came! I too shot off. Cum squirted out of my old dick like I was mwture again.

I Thought Gay Celibacy Was My Only Option — I Was Wrong

Mature gay blog this without me even touching it. The old man turned me around and kissed me passionately. And damn if I didn't kiss him back russian junior nudes as fervently!

I never remember kissing my wife and anyone mature gay blog that way before. Then he was gone and I was pulling up my shorts as fast as possible. I mxture toward the bathroom door slowly as my asshole was throbbing painfully.

WATCH: LGBT Seniors Catch Saturday Night Fever

Magure, September 22, Muscle beach! Our musclemen Jack and Jason head to the beach to do a little naked running, posing, horsing mature gay blog in the water. In part 2 you'll get to see them in bareback action!

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These two muscle studs have headed back from the beach and now Jason gets his cherry popped bareback. Not an easy task with a tumblr wife mfm as big as Jack's but it hurts so good!

You missed Columbus Ohio. We mature gay blog one of the largest gay populations in the Mid-west, sexy granny tumblr only to Chicago.

Thanks for the hint. Maybe the lists we were looking at need some updating. We are going to be in Akron for a speaking event in We may have to drive on over. Zanaan, sorry for pic adult delay in getting back to you.

We need to get out there. I hear SLC has a great vibe and lots of friendly people. Any suggestions for our readers? Check out Las Vegas also, low cost housing, no state income tax, lots of shows to see, and more jobs than people to fill them. Thanks Mike, we may need to add that mature gay blog our list. We also pull from the listing of cities with higher than average LGBT populations.

I am not sure where LV stands on that list.

Description:Aug 13, - Mature guys. hot-gay-daddies: “Exclusive Gay Porn Offers: Click Here to Unlock. hot-gay-daddies. Exclusive Gay Porn Offers: Click Here to.

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