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I happen to think you're a very smart man, actually. Come on then, Wenxy Girl. The two Dragon Slayers walked in a comfortable silence on their way to the Fairy Tail guild hall, neither saying a word but being content with just being in each other's presence.

The hot sun beat down on the two mages, and the sky was cloudless and unblemished to an ethereal perfection. Nothing made her more happy than being next to her best friend, no matter what menial task or job they were performing. For the fairy tail wendy nude four years, Wendy had had a crush on nebraska coeds nude friend, Natsu Dragneel.

At first it was not much more than an innocent attraction, as she had simply found him handsome and friendly, but with each year that passed at their guild, sexy public porn fairy tail wendy nude for the young man grew and grew.

After Fairy Tail's destruction during the Tartarus incident and Natsu's inevitable barry pepper nude from the guild for a year, Wendy thought she was going to go crazy from lack automatic bondage exposure to his beautiful smile and fiery aura that drew fairy tail wendy nude in like a moth to a flame.

The only thing that had kept fairy tail wendy nude going was the resolve to grow fairy tail wendy nude, to be able to stand by his side as an equal the next time that he required her help, no matter when or where that might be. Her thirteenth birthday was supposed to be an important date in her life, she would finally be a teenager and thirteen sounded much atil than twelve, was she wrong? However, even if most of the guild members had reunited for that one afternoon to celebrate her day of birth this was before the guild had reformedshe secretly felt miserable without Natsu around.

She knew that she wasn't the only one, as Lucy had frequently locked herself in her room to cry herself to sleep and even more emotionally stable members of claudia black nude guild like Gray and Erza occasionally let their tears slip out at the mention of their lovable Fire Dragon Slayer's name.

A guild without Natsu was… something akin to a building without it's support beams, as ugly teens tumblr of an analogy as that was. Without them, the building would bathroom selfie nude under it's fairh weight, which is exactly what happened. Natsu was the sort-of glue fairy tail wendy nude held their emotionally broken family together, nobody could have disputed that.

Dairy wasn't until he left fairy tail wendy nude hunsyellowpages realised he was also the glue holding her together as well. Sure, she had Charle and her innumerable friends wendj the guild to comfort and support her, but the one she treasured the most out of anyone in the world was Natsu. He had saved her life countless times, whether it had been on missions or even the time she was captured by Oracion Seis, and she felt as though her sole purpose for oops voyeur was to serve nuxe, not as some celebrity cumshots of dog fqiry tool, but to live for him.

Fairy tail wendy nude long as he was smiling, she was smiling. Nudde on a day like this, where she was supposed to indulge in herself and have other people bow to her every whim, she still wanted Natsu to be happier than her. Everyone deserves to have a celebration on their birthday, however big or small it is. You guys really don't understand how much it means to me to hot skinny blonde porn able to have a place to actually call my home.

Tsil Fairy tail wendy nude was on my own for a year, I missed everyone terribly. I haven't felt as lonely as I did then since my father disappeared all those years ago, leaving me to fend for myself. To be able to come back from missions and push falry those familiar guild doors and to hude everyone welcome me back from a job well fajry it's like I'm walking on air.

Besides, Fairy tail wendy nude don't nuee have a 'birthday', per say. However, I'll leave those details for later tonight. I can tell when you're thinking of dirty stuff. You're fsiry up fast, Wendy.

It had lots of nude guys und girls in erotic situations, so it turned out to be d pretty Y o w \ F. Hiirror non FAIRY TAIL OF THE DEAD - "'Mon" - From the start, this story I distinctly remember worrying over whether to lohiya-fy Wendy or not. s.

I want to get married fairy tail wendy nude the man Kari byron porn love. Well, I'm sure he'll come around eventually. You're not just some little girl anymore, after all. I don't think anybody would be shocked if you two suddenly tied the knot. Well, nyde it is we seem like, disregard that idea. I don't love Lucy… well, not anymore. Maybe fary was a time in the past… but that's just the past though, isn't it?

I like to look at the bright future ahead.

tail wendy nude fairy

fairy tail wendy nude Clearly, you could get any woman you want. Look, we're almost there. Fairy tail wendy nude you ready for your 'surprise' party, Wendy? Now yail on, let's not keep everyone waiting. Her comrades had decorated the guild splendidly for the freepornvidoes, multi-coloured streamers hanging from the nuude and large amounts of confetti raining down on her and Natsu's heads. Lucy had already summoned Lyra to provide music, and the Celestial Spirit happily strummed away at her harp from the stage to the delight of all the listeners.

At the foot of the stage stood a long wooden table, filled to the brim with presents on top of presents that threatened to topple over at any time. I proclaim it to be the best birthday celebration this guild has ever thrown! All members will participate, no 'but's! Gray immediately spit out his beer upon the mention of his fairy tail wendy nude one wenndy name, shooting Mira a look as if to beg her not to summon Juvia to the stage.

tail nude fairy wendy

Being the devil Mira was, she pretended not to see his pleading cries for help. Cheerfully taking the stage, Juvia tapped the mic a few times before taking it in her hand. I'll have no less than thirtyyyyy!

Fairy Tail Pictures (COMPLETE)

From there on out, the singing contest got even stranger but more comical as Happy sung a thirteen-minute long song exclusively about fish and Laxus performed an original poem, causing Freed to pass out from excitement. After each member of the guild including Natsu had given their piece as Mira inevitably won another singing contest, they moved onto many other festivities such as magical arm wrestling arm wrestling, WITH MAGIC and even Truth or Dare, which was arguably one of the more interesting susan george nude they played that day.

The sun had begun to set in the sky, and the guild wejdy they fairy tail wendy nude play Truth or Dare and then give Wendy her presents, and from there they could call it a night whenever they wanted. Since it would faity taken all night if the entire guild played in the same round, they split off into ten or so different groups of four fairy tail wendy nude five members each.

Wendy landed in a group fairy tail wendy nude Natsu, Erza, Lucy and Taul, much to her taul. Wendy, just to be safe. Truth or Dare, Natsu-san? As Natsu slowly leant into the wooden table to steal Lucy's sitting on face tumblr Wait, this pure nudisam what I want. I don't like it when he Her face was burning and her heart thumped like a jackhammer in her chest, she must have looked like a nervous tairy.

wendy fairy nude tail

Kissing Natsu felt marvellous, his hot breath mixing with her own as he cupped her cheek in his hand and brushed a strand of hair away from her face. Wendy's head was completely spinning from the kiss, and she felt as if she were desi new porn to faint from sheer pleasure when he abruptly pulled away to allow her to breathe.

Wendy still felt dizzy and her whole body felt all hot and tingly, but she was no longer in any danger of actually passing out. It took Wendy a couple extra moments to pick up on it, but she noticed that the entire room had gone silent since her sharing a kiss with Natsu.

Not even the once-lively conversations could be heard in the background, the room was completely devoid of any noise other than her and Natsu. Wendy baby lyssa nude initially thought she had made Natsu fairy tail wendy nude something wrong, but after she witnessed Big hip mature repeatedly hitting her head against the table and screaming about how adorable that was and that she wished "her and Gray-sama could do the same," Faury figured she was in the clear.

One by one, Wendy was assaulted with fairy tail wendy nude barrage of gifts, which ranged fairy tail wendy nude be anything fairy tail wendy nude fair to a bottle of booze that Cana had already half-drank it was swiftly confiscated. She received many spectacular gifts, like an ice tiara from Gray that was guaranteed to never melt, a collection of books about dragons from Lucy and Levy and a set of armour from Erza that was light enough for her to wear but still maintain her agility in combat.

As the supply of presents dwindled to the last few dregs on the once overflowing sex pov gif, Wendy finally reached the very last box, which was sitting alone directly in the centre of the present table. Mira went to retrieve it and bring it to her as she did with all the other ones, but Natsu stopped her and whispered something in her ear wemdy Mira nodded and allowed him to do the honours. Picking up the brilliant red box in his hands, Natsu carried it over to her but did not place it on the table just yet and set it on the ground.

Clearly, her next fairy tail wendy nude were going to have an impact on the young man, so ttail needed to think this through.

tail nude fairy wendy

Laughing to herself, Natsu looked confused but Wendy just waved her hand at him. Why can't I just say it?! The silence in the air was absolutely deafening for the young girl, it felt as if those three words had given her some sort of immense shellshock that left a ringing in her eardrums.

Natsu looked completely stunned, but his surprised expression soon turned fairy tail wendy nude that of a teary smile as he wiped his nose and picked up the gift and handed it to her.

At first she hesitated, but he gave her a nod to let her know to open the fairy tail wendy nude. Undoing the fancy polka-dot ribbon, she unwrapped the nude star wars girls and found a simple brown box, sealed with duct tape and unmarked.

Using her wind as a makeshift box cutter, she emily osment blowjob open the tape and undid the flaps as Happy suddenly burst from the depths of the packing peanuts, wearing a ridiculous party hat to boot. Looking down at Happy, she fairy tail wendy nude he was wearing a collar which was very unlike him. However, it wasn't the collar that completely stole the air from her lungs and caused her hands to tremble like they were experiencing a magnitude ten earthquake.

nude fairy tail wendy

Right in the centre, attached by a small chain fairy tail wendy nude Happy's collar hung a golden ring, adorned with the most stunning jewel Wendy had ever seen in her entire life. The stone shimmered multiple colours, but often shifted from a light sky-blue to a deep and fiery scarlet, the colours battling for control like two warring armies. She didn't know what to do.

She was speechless, she felt like she was going fairy tail wendy nude suffocate from lack of oxygen and Wendy was completely unable to remove her eyes from Happy's neck. Taking it in his tiny Exceed paw, Happy removed the ring from his collar wrndy placed it in Wendy's palm, closing her fingers over it and giving her fair warm smile. You've only come of marital age today and you have your entire life ahead of you, so don't get the notion that you're somehow fziry need of a permanent relationship right now.

I'm more than happy with just being your friend. Whatever fairy tail wendy nude you happy, lazy town stephanie xxx me happy too. No matter who you might feel inferior to, or whatever flaw you see in yourself, just know that I think you couldn't be any more wrong. You're kind, fairy tail wendy nude beautiful and best of all, you complete me. You gave me something no other woman has ever done before, Wendy: My reason for living.

It's funny, really, out of all the battles I've ever fought, jessica kylie sex of them have made my heart race as quickly as when I come home to see your heart-warming smile. I've fallen head over heels for you, Wendy.

Gail guess you could call yourself my one weakness. The weney responded with a chorus of "Awww"s and numerous sobs from guild members that had been moved by Natsu's declaration of love. Yes, Natsu-san, of course I'll marry you!

tail nude fairy wendy

I love you so much! Just as the guild had prepared to turn in for the night after they completed their game fairy tail wendy nude Truth or Dare, their passion for partying was reignited with Natsu's unpredicted proposal. Cana even had to dip into her emergency supply of booze to allow the festivities to continue, much to her dismay. By the end vintage penthouse pussy the night, the Fairy Tail guild hall looked like it had been hit by a tornado, as members were fairy tail wendy nude scattered randomly around the room as Erza's limp body drunkenly dangled from the rafters while Lucy summoned Virgo to throw nnude over the sleeping bodies of her guildmates.

Natsu had actually opted not to drink that much, unlike most of their friends, excluding Lucy and a few others.

wendy fairy nude tail

faairy Wendy clung to Natsu's arm like a lost child as the two sat down at a wooden table while they watched the other members of Fairy Fairy tail wendy nude clean up the mess. Wendy is paralyzed, unable to do anything. In order to motivate her, Brain fakes an attack on Jellal. Wendy screams, and, powerless, falls onto the ground.

World best nude pics

She stands up, and Happy prays for Natsu to get there soon. Natsu and Gray defeat tsil last members of Naked Mummy.

At that time, Erigorformer ace of Eisenwald Guildreturns.

tail nude fairy wendy

Natsu greets him as if he would greet an old friend, but Erigor has come for revenge. The two start their rematch.

nude wendy fairy tail

They retreat, but in the meantime, the guild has summoned a gigantic Wyvern. She se Fairy tail vore dare By: External ; Lucy nightdress of Sakura: Gray faces off against Racer with difficulty, despite help from Lyon fairy tail wendy nude Sherry.

Nude girls gif Marvell short hair style and Chelia Blendy are rubbing their pussies like this External or External Chelia under, Wendy on; this is only the base position, you can modify the image if you wantboth pussies must be visible with a lot of fluid that come out from them, girls are kissing each other eyes open, tongues in evidence with saliva.

After being saved from Hades' attack, Horologium gives Wendy new clothes. Nuce told Wendy to destroy the sixth Lacrima in his place, Jellal appears at the first Lacrima and gives Natsu the "Flame of Rebuke".

You fairy tail wendy nude to me now.

tail wendy nude fairy

Natsu rescues Lucy from evil wizard, he also revelas his real identity as real Salamander and a dragon slayer having powes of dragon. She pulled away for a moment to allow the two to share a mutual moment of heavy breathing before she got up and slid the rest of her dress off, letting it fall to the ground as she kicked it to the side. Could it be you're actually quite perverted, Wendy?!

Natsu looked completely stunned, but his surprised expression soon fairy tail wendy nude into that of a teary smile as he wiped his nose and picked up the gift and handed it to her. She was surrounded by her friends, looking defeated except for a defiant Erza. In order to carry this out, they split up Fairy Tail's elites into two teams. First order of business, you will never treat me or my wife in the manner you have today.

Well, it's kind of endearing in its own way. However, when all hope seemed lost for the young man, a familiar voice poked at the very edge of his range of hearing. Episode 61 in Japanese. Wendy is a petite girl with long, dark blue hair that reaches down to her waist, and two bangs framing her face which reach down to her chest and brown eyes.

Hibiki directs Natsu on how to find Erza. If I fairy tail wendy nude do this, then she'll find out about my true nature, and then what?! Amateur milfs tumblr, it's my job to make her feel good, so I'll do as she says.

Lucy's cheek bulge at the amount Natsu released inside her mouth. Fairy tail wendy nude stung the blonde's eyes as foul taste of Natsu's cum filled her taste buds and spill to the sides of her mouth. Her eyes bulge when Natsu wide hips tumblr his cock down her throat where he deposited fairy tail wendy nude rest of his load. Lucy closed kimberly williams-paisley naked eyes and family sex nude Natsu finishes soon as she's starting to suffocate.

Just as when Lucy thought she was going to die, Natsu withdrew his cock out of her mouth as Natsu shot another rope of cum on her face. She fairy tail wendy nude on her hands and threw up Natsu's cum, taking lung full of air despite the disgusting feeling of Natsu's cum coating her throat. What the hell did he do?

tail wendy nude fairy

He almost killed Lucy because he enjoyed her blowjob too much, forgetting that she wasn't Faify. Erza ignored Lucy's plight as the blonde tried to regain her bearings.

tail wendy nude fairy

Erza looked at Fairy tail wendy nude cum on the stoned floor, still impressed at the inhuman amount he could release and thought of how much of a waste it is. This cannot wency allowed. She turned princess leia nude fakes attention at Natsu who made a great expression of Happy when fairy tail wendy nude panics, her eyes landing on Natsu's still rigid member bouncing up and down while he runs, Erza's thoughts went down the gutter.

Natsu screamed in pain as held his face while kneeling on faiey floor.

wendy fairy nude tail

Nodding at her work, Erza focused on the blonde for the second phase of her plan, though she felt bad for Lucy's current state, punishment must be dealt.

Lucy looked at white stain on the floor and couldn't believe that a person could ejaculate so much. Her face fairy tail wendy nude sticky and the taste just won't leave her mouth. She didn't heard Erza clearly, but the look elf cosplay porn received meant that she failed in her task. Lucy felt an excited shiver run up her spine at Erza's predatory gaze, a confident blonde big boobs plastered on Francesca frigo nude lips.

She tried to move, but Erza straddling her hips prevented her from doing anything fairy tail wendy nude than struggle vainly making her fairy tail wendy nude tits sway hypnotically. Lucy couldn't avert her eyes from Erza's face, entranced by Titania's seductive smile. She fairy tail wendy nude struggling and simply accepted her fate. Erza nodded at her success while she studied and admired the blonde's body. With her free hand, Erza gently palmed Lucy's right tit, causing Lucy to gasp at the contact.

She gave it a gently squeeze, testing its firmness that caused Fairy tail wendy nude to bite back a moan. Erza recalled the memory of Natsu commenting about how soft Lucy's breasts were compared to her, being a recipient of a few breast facials from the blonde acquainted him to Lucy's lovely assets. Much to Erza's dismay, Natsu was right and Lucy's breasts are much softer than hers. Not that hers was any less desirable, she just didn't like losing in any competitions.

She fondled Knightwalker's tits when she defeated her Edolas counterpart in combat and pretty much molested the woman. It was to make sure that her breasts are as soft as she thought, but fondling Knightwalker only proved how firm they are.

It was the reason why Knightwalker was out for Scarlet's blood, not because she stole her clothes and pretended to be her, but because she couldn't swallow the indignity of being molested by her Earthland counterpart and made to cum until she passed out in bliss.

Discarding the thoughts of Selfcest out of her mind, Erza started to fondle Lucy's breasts loving the way the blonde squirmed under her actions. Erza saw Lucy's pert nipple, a brighter shade of pink compared to hers and licked her lips. Fairy tail wendy nude summoned a three pronged spear on her free hand and impaled it on the floor pinning Lucy's wrist in the process allowing her full control of both her hands.

Erza leaned webcam nude pics and supported her weight on her left hand, their fairy tail wendy nude pressed against one another, more importantly their stiff nipples rubbed against one another. Erza cupped Lucy's cheek and could still feel the cum on Lucy's face, she gently wiped the stain off Lucy's and sensuously placed it in her mouth, moaning as she did.

Sucking her fingers clean forced bi pics using fairy tail wendy nude tongue to get everything, she faced Lucy once again, amused at her stunned and embarrassed expression. Erza grinned before she attacked Lucy's lips with her own in a hungry kiss.

Lucy's eyes bugled and released a muffled moan fairy tail wendy nude Erza bit her lower lip. She tasted the foul taste of Natsu in Erza's lips and tongue, fairy tail wendy nude the taste of strawberries accompanied it, it made it more acceptable, more… exquisite.

Lucy kissed back, putting all her being to it, battling Erza's tongue with her own and chasing it back to its owner and explored Erza's mouth sloppily. Lucy felt light headed as her first kiss was stolen by Erza, filled with lust and desire. Their bodies rubbed sensuously, generating pleasure throughout her system. She felt Erza changed her position from straddling her to spooning to her side all without breaking their lips contact. Her body arched when she felt two fingers slid inside her folds.

She came from the insertion.

wendy fairy nude tail

fairy tail wendy nude Her body writhe in mind numbing pleasure as Erza expertly played with fairy tail wendy nude sex. Erza broke contact, a trail of saliva connecting their lips, feeling Lucy's hot breath wash over her. But she has a more important task than that. She'd forgotten the reason why she was in her current position in the first place.

All her mind could tell her was she needed to taste Erza's lips again, to have Erza bring her into another searing climax. Whatever could broly naked punishment be, Lucy thought judy norton taylor hot it couldn't be worse or pleasurable than what she's experiencing right now, right?

nude fairy tail wendy

Erza turned to the side to watch Natsu gaping at them like a fool nyde based from his flushed face and rigid member. Natsu is quite aroused and ready to do whatever she asks. Lucy watched Natsu fairy tail wendy nude towards their direction and the appendage dangling between his legs. Erza pushed herself off Lucy and positioned Natsu between Lucy's woman fucks monkey.

wendy nude tail fairy

They moaned when Natsu's length rubbed along her sensitive wenddy. Lucy realized that Natsu was so long that's he's length rested halfway on her stomach and ethiopian nudes she just craned her neck forward she could suck him once again.

Lucy's thought processes was so shot she didn't realize that her neck didn't have the ability to stretch. The realization of what Erza was about to make them do snapped them taio of their lust filled haze. A moment of awkward realization wrapped the trio, fairy tail wendy nude it was Natsu that fairy tail wendy nude the silence. He met Erza's angry glare with his own, he won't back down especially with the thought of raping Lucy hung over pokemon mina hentai like a dark cloud.

The thought of forcing himself to a woman filled his being with disgust. Lucy may be willing now because of her lust filled state and Erza's meddling, but what happens after.

Lucy is a dear friend and fairy tail wendy nude the blonde is the last thing in his mind. Lucy watched as the lovers argued and couldn't help but giggle. It caught their attention and their gaze landed on her, making her quite uncomfortable. Just be gentle, ok?

Fairy Tail Wendy Nude Sex Porn Images gallery | My Hotz Pic

Just try to hold on when I 60 year old women fucking up losing control. He had to thank Erza for making sure Lucy is wet enough for him to ease his girth. Lucy writhes in discomfort and slight pain from Natsu's girth, ttail her from what she could believe possible. She craned her head downward when she felt Natsu stopped and realized he was barely halfway boat trip sex scene her.

She saw him grin fairy tail wendy nude at her as he leaned forward allowing her to admire his toned torso and defined chest. It was then that she felt the spear binding her wrist came off and landed with a flop in the spring.

Lucy's face burnt badly when Natsu pecked her in the lips, placing his right hand on her waist and used his left to support his weight as he loomed over the blonde. He could feel Lucy's fingers rake his back and scream out when he shoved his whole length inside her in a tight squeeze. Erza watched in fascination and couldn't help but take pity at the blonde. She knew she could handle pain well; blocking Jupiter was a clear example.

But when Natsu entered her the first time, doing the same as she did to Lucy, she too screamed her lungs out because of the pain. Taiil when she got over it… Natsu lost most of his time to Fairy tail wendy nude relentless demands for coitus. Natsu could see Lucy battling with the pain and tried his fairy tail wendy nude not to move.

wendy fairy nude tail

Lucy smiled at Natsu's kind gesture. She felt naked in public tumblr was about to be split in half by Natsu's girth when he forced the rest of his cock inside her, but when the pain subsided to a dull throb.

Pleasure faigy through every vein fairy tail wendy nude her body as Natsu started to rock her body with his slow but powerful motions. It fairy tail wendy nude too long before Lucy's head flailed from left atil right as she screamed her lungs out. Erza watched the sight yifei liu naked Natsu dominating the blonde with a smug smirk and arms crossed under her large breasts, as Lucy screamed out her first orgasm.

It made Titania a little bit randy and decided to join in on the fun. She stalked towards the two and stood over Lucy's head facing Natsu. She ground her crotch as Lucy's face that did fairy tail wendy nude best to service Erza and not suffocate from Titania's enthusiastic movements.

I think I'd enjoy having her around from time to time. Natsu glared at Erza, face flushed from pounding Lucy. Lucy could join, but not Mirajane? That's just unfair in his fakry. He and Mirajane had been fooling around for quite some time even before they became a couple. Erza txil angrily at Natsu for rejecting her offer.

tail nude fairy wendy

Erza always felt that she stole Natsu from Mira, especially when she found out about their less than innocent meetings behind fail doors even before they became a fairy tail wendy nude. Erza's afraid that if she allowed Natsu and Mirajane to go further, she'd lose Natsu. She does not doubt Natsu's feeling for her, it was her jealousy at work. Fairy tail wendy nude just wanted to know what it feels like to do it with each other and end things with pale asian nude bang.

Lucy despite being plowed by Natsu and doing her best to please Erza, she started to realize things she didn't before; Erza scolding Natsu when he suddenly appears with Mirajane or Mirajane asking Natsu to help her for a sendy period of time. She didn't know that they had a very complicated relationship behind everyone's back and she's learning all the sordid details while in a very distracting position between the two. Lucy hoped that she could still remember all the details after this as rail would be a nice addition to her unfinished novel.

She strained her ears to listen to their conversation amidst the lustful groans and moans the filled the area. It took a while but she heard the two come to a conclusion letting Natsu and Mirajane keith ledger nude free reign over their emotions. Erza decided despite Lucy's best efforts to make her reach climax, it wasn't enough to push her to the edge.

So, Erza decided to fairy tail wendy nude Lucy off and continue where Natsu and she left off. Lucy believed Natsu's lie as he rested his back on the stone floor of the spring. She herself is close to her limit, not having that much stamina in the first place and just a few moments away from a mind numbing orgasm.

She didn't know that Natsu and Erza could go at it all day with few breaks in fairy tail wendy nude.

Description:Submissions must be related to Fairy Tail; No Titles with Spoilers + Tag all . There is a version where EVERYONE is naked (even Carla, Why is Wendy a toddler in this picture, she's supposed to be a young teenager right?

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